Insulated Logs

Insulation inside a Cedar Log!

The following critical success factors were identified as the drivers for the development process of HIGH-R-LOGS:

  • Logs should have no shrinkage.

  • ZERO splits and cracks.

  • Decreased weight for transportation and construction ease.

  • Greatly improved insulation capabilities to meet or exceed the National Building Code.

  • Improved construction processes to utilize the natural resource (our trees) better.

  • Customization of the log materials for internal and external requirements (meaning the species of wood inside and outside the log can be mixed).

  • Reduced environmental impact and sustainable manufacturing practices.

  • 4 insulated logs can be made for every 12” log – more for larger diameter logs.

Insulated logs


GraphiteTERRAFOAM® PLATINUM® with Graphite is the most environmentally sensitive polystyrene insulation which provides up to 20% higher R-values (R-5.0 / inch) from expanded polystyrene.

This new high performance technology from BASF avoids green house gas (GHG) & blowing agents (HFC) that are used in extruded polystyrenes; using graphite enhances the thermal value of polystyrene without using complex chemicals.

TERRAFOAM® PLATINUM® uses fewer natural resources and embodied energy. It is inert, hypoallergenic and age-stable thermally efficient. Compressive strength is increased to 20.4 PSI (140KPA). This unique material attributes its distinctive platinum colour to graphite contained within the polymer matrix of the EPS.

Graphite cornerTERRAFOAM® PLATINUM® sets new environmental standards for polystyrene insulation products, measured by resource conservation, environmental effects and waste reduction. Meeting these criteria supports sustainable building practices, like "Net Zero" construction and LEED objectives.

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