Introducing the HIGH-R-LOG.

A revolutionary insulated log for wooden home construction.

Change the Way you Live.

The construction of habitable dwellings using natural logs is an age-old tradition which still thrives today.

Despite the longevity of the industry, there have been relatively few developments in improving the building practices and addressing the issues which make this practice unsustainable on a large scale, especially with the new 5-step BC code coming into law soon.

Besides the new code, these issues include amongst others:

  • Logs continue to shrink and settle, leading to significant investment in the building process to allow for adjustment of the structures during settling.
  • Log walls often crack leading to insect infestation, damp ingress and often mouldy and unsafe conditions.
  • Split woodGaps and cracks result in loss of insulation and increased heating costs, particularly in colder climates.
  • Mould and insect nesting in the cracks can have health risks if inside a living residence.
  • Decreasing access to prime raw materials suitable for log home construction due to logging, insect infestation and fires etc.

With these issues in mind, we have embarked on the journey of designing and developing a product which would lead to sustainable production practices of raw materials for the log home industry, tiny home, POD, and do-it-yourself industries.

Insulated logs
5xT x2
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